Zen Den

And this is where we relax and take a moment to just listen to the sound around you.  Yes, right now.  Go ahead and stop clicking and typing and just put your hands in your lap.  Raise your back up until you feel your spine tugging upward.  Deep breath.  Now pull your tummy in and lift your hands s-l-o-w-l-y above your head.  Yes, REACH for the sky or the ceiling or your neighbor upstairs and feel your power.  More breathing…s-l-o-w deep breath in…stretch…exhale.

And what do you hear around you?

Time of day:  5:31a.m.  I hear the faint din of white noise from cars whizzing by on the expressway. It’s very faint – perhaps 20dB through the open window.  The morning doves and some other small birds sure sing a sweet melody. Beauteous aural life.   (Oh,and what does faint mean?)

One thought on “Zen Den

  1. danaj33@yahoo.com

    I thank you kindly, Michael. You know it’s one thing to work in the field of audio and it’s another to simply take in the sounds that are around you and take the time to just listen. Many professionals who work in the field of audio forget this. It all begins as sound in our ears and how that affects our brain before we put a microphone in front of it and attempt to capture the sound in some way. There are some amazing books written on this topic: Dr. Daniel J. Levitin’s “This Is Your Brain On Music” and W.A. Mathieu’s “The Listening Book” are a great start to opening your world of sound around you.

    Best to you.

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