One Big For-Profit Prison

Senator Bernie Sanders: “We are producing enough to feed the hungry and provide what people need, yet our economy works day after day to make billionaires richer.” 7/27/16

I counted eight today that I witnessed along my path en route to my work space. Some days there are many more wandering about, some lifeless, some searching through the city trash cans. The second one I found was not disheveled. Seated in front of a newsstand, she looked to be in her 30’s and had a baby in her arms. I read the cardboard box top with the words, “Please. Anything. We have nothing left.” I walked by and then stopped to turn around deciding that the $20 I had put in my pocket to pick up some lunch would be put to better use by this mother. “Thank you. Thank you. God bless you,” she said. Half a block later, tears welled in my eyes as I crossed the path of another young person who was seated, staring into the sky. His bruised and scabbed, dirty face told me he had been out of sorts for a long time.

Next, I heard a group of wanderers yelling at pedestrians from their perch on the sidewalk: Market St homeless_380

Later, I found some people working at a job that seems to come from a bygone era, shoe shine. Do they earn enough to eat and live in this expensive city?

Market St Shoe Shine

Many people work several jobs to survive and others study to find a better life. I found this young one on a MUNI train fast asleep with his phone in one hand and a plate of food in the other.

L Train Young Commuter._380

I think about the gluttonous mass of wealth of several of the human cancers walking this earth like the man who was recently nominated by the RePugnican Party and how little they give to others. He is known to take from others, cheating the small businessperson and workers who have had the misfortune to be hired by this horrible man. If he ever gets into power he will demand that people like the homeless mother and child are deported or put into one of his buddies’ for-profit prisons. In fact, I’m quite certain that if he makes it to the White House, this entire nation will become one big for-profit prison.

Taj_Mahal_Atlantic_City_New_Jersey copy              Homeless at BART 380

Senator Bernie Sanders: “We are producing enough to feed the hungry and provide what people need, yet our economy works day after day to make billionaires richer.” 7/27/16

Backwards Ahead

Off is the new on

Yes is the new no

How do we teach our children

When there are so many ways to go?

Decisions by the the “Deciders”

One President declared himself so

OK 4 Rules to be broken

Is all you need to know

Do as I say

Not as I do

There once was an old lady

Who lived in a shoe

Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dum

Find me under a cold dark bridge

With worn shoes and a bottle of


Sunday Self-Referential Sock Hop

Leapfrog here for some words and music:

Salivating Sentients Sucking on Stupidity – I had to purge my system in a Fellini “8-1/2” meets Magritte’s “The Treachery of Images” kind of day. Alas, it’s only 1:30p. I will dine on a crustacean and walk in the sun now.

MagrittePipe sock-hop

“It’s Palmolive; You’re Soaking In It”

Madge_Soaking In It copy

Appalling, Atrocious, OutRAGEous, Frightening…

These words only begin to spell out the daunting truth of the side of America that bursts forth with more ferocity than ever since the hate-filled masses have become emboldened by the rhetoric of their demagogue. Months ago as he continued spewing his vitriol, I surmised that we would be subjected to a full-scale social and dangerous civil war between those of us who care about others and see this country as a safe haven for everyone from all walks of life and those of us who demonize others while living in a precarious mental state of growing illness. The diseased mindset of America and the cancer that flourishes from the assistance of a constant barrage of hate spewed through the digital pipeline to our homes and work; invades our social media, television, streaming networks, and radio. Venom, loathing, and detestation has metastasized our country. The 2nd Amendment wingnuts have been stocking up an arsenal and are stoked up for civil war hell.

Us pacifists need to wake up and form a plan. Signing our names to,, BoldProgressives, and a host of other ways we use to properly use our rights to protest the intended policies of our purchased politicians worries me. Many among the GOP are mentally ill serving sociopathic constituents who elected them. If they gain enough votes to hold onto the Senate and they also elect a President: we are doomed. The White House will look like the (now dilapidated and bankrupt) Trump Taj Majal in Atlantic City in a few short years while the rest of us are terrorized by a country with one-half of its citizens holding us hostage.

When you read just the first 20 lines of this article titled “Behind the Gold Curtain of Donald Trump’s Résumé” (written by Adam Davidson); you will be appalled and frightened at how even a seemingly normal businessman (supporter) answers questions about him. (Go ahead, take a quick look at it. The illustrations by Andrew Rae are worth it alone. I’ll sit right here with you, awaiting your return…Bookmark the article and read it all when you can. It’s truly eye-opening and should be required reading by every voter in America.)

Think about it, my comrades: the arachnid is at work spinning us into a web while Madge reassures us: “It’s Palmolive; You’re Soaking in It“.

Madge_Soaking In It copy    Taj_Mahal_Atlantic_City_New_Jersey copy  Trump Casino Failure copy  trumpcasinonamelawsuit

more like this found here:  danajae33



Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 4.59.59 PM

The delight of Cotogna in SF remains on the tongue weeks later…

My friend and I had reserved the only spot available on a rainy Saturday at 4p which is a perfect time to enjoy a delicious meal in a rustic, Italian setting amidst multiple choices in San Francisco’s North Beach district. We shared each dish with a wine pairing suggested by the Sommelier. Our primi: the delicate  Fava bean sformato & pecorino romano fonduta The dish brought a tasty thrill to my palate along with a sip of a lovely Italian white wine:


Region: Campania Grape: Greco

I tried a few sips from the glass of my dining companion, the wonderful Sicilian red:



    Region: Sicilia Grape: Nerello Mascalese & Cappucio


Next came the superbly delicious Bolognese followed by the Pesce Spade (Swordfish!  MMMM). Each of us also preferred a Sardinian red with these:


Region: Sardegna Grape: Cannonau

Perfecto mundo!

Aside:  check out these romantic getaways to Sardinia.

Topping it off with a hazelnut gelato and a sip of Vietti Moscato, we left entranced and vowed to return.

I hear they cater office parties.  Ha!  I wish I could afford that on my teacher’s salary!

While in North Beach, don’t hesitate for a minute to stop at Urban Sidewalk.  Fabulous clothing and accessories for women and men at very affordable prices hosted by Marcus, the fun and funny proprietor!

Trumpet mushroom and talegio

A New Site To Sample:

Welcome to 2016 and a special surprise I have for us:

A new place that inspires to retire in the creativity of your mind:

There you’ll find a little of this…

DJVS Graphic

and a little of this…

A fabulous graphic sampled and switched

A fabulous graphic sampled and switched


and plenty of this:

A couple of rows of Hermes keys

and some relaxing like this:

Record Light

and a request to put on your headphones for this:


Massive YUMMM and FUN in Half Moon Bay

Day TWO of time off:

Beautiful December 19th on the coast after a night of rain

Beautiful December 19th on the coast after a night of rain

I connected with my two favorite teaching Biologists today. Off we went to the Miramar Beach Restaurant for a lovely lunch and it was that and more!  We had a fantastic meal sharing the Artichoke Cakes appetizer–a delight!  I had the blackened Organic Scottish Salmon served with vegetables, rice pilaf & avocado mango salsa & raspberry vinaigrette. LK enjoyed the Halibut Veracruz: a simmered halibut filet with tomato, garlic, onion, jalapeno, capers, green olives & avocado served with vegetables & basmati rice. Susmita enjoyed the plentiful and delicious fish tacos. A perfectly chilly and crisp December wind accompanied our walk into the restaurant, making for a perfect day by the ocean. Miramar Beach Restaurant

By the time we got to dessert, sharing the most delicious BOMBA (that I will definitely return for) and a light and fluffy chocolate mousse, I recognized a famous educator and politician at the table behind my friends : Tom Torlakson, the California State Superintendent of Public Schools. Who was with his wife Mae Torlakson (running for State Assembly) who also currently manages the state Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program, helping educationally disadvantaged students pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Along with them was my fellow colleague Jim Torlakson who teaches Art at CCSF and is a HOOT! and their Mom who is a retired educator from SF’s Lowell High School.  As if the food and wonderful science faculty companions were not enough, we ended up with several more amazing educators and enjoyed wonderful conversation about upcoming MESA events and various state funded grants that CCSF has been participating in. Educators discuss education EVEN on holiday! The family of educators were quite warm and inviting. What a great way to spend the rest of our lunch!  All in all, it was a fantastic day by the ocean.  This short time away from work for a bit feels so good!

Lunch at Miramar Beach Restaurant with some famous educators!

Lunch at Miramar Beach Restaurant with some famous educators!


And OOOH, La Bomba dessert was perfect!