Sound Healing

That was it for me. I had read enough of the downfall where I realized that we are living in a GIF world while the fall of America circled around us like the wildfires in northern and southern California. It’s been a total wipe out of everything we hold close as American ideals:

  • helping others become something in life to strive to be better than what they were given at birth
  • educating the masses (yes, ALL people) and with minimal tuition, if any
  • feeding the hungry, underserved populations of our nation
  • providing access to healthcare for all
  • ensuring the separation of church and state
  • funding art and music to provide culturally enriching moments for all citizens
  • [enter your ideals here]

Instead, we now have lost total grip on reality by plugging in the worst Plutocrat the world has known. Foolish Americans handed our democracy to a demagogue who cares for nothing more than enriching his personal treasury and that of his family. The Gee-Oh-Pee doesn’t mind helping him if it keeps them in power to undermine all institutions of government because they wish to break free from discipline, rules, and order. The selfish RepubliCANTs want the entire trough. They swathe themselves in pages of the Bible paying ZERO heed to the scripture of the heart of Jesus Christ, their lord and savior. Never has there been such utter nonsensical disregard for what it means to embody the words of good humans who once roamed this earth: Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad.

WAIT. Isn’t the title of this post “Sound Healing?”  Where’s the healing, Dana?

Oh, yes. I was getting to that. So, all of this horror has me doing TWO things very differently than ever before.

  • I listen to the Sirius XM SPA Channel. I’m not kidding. It is relaxing and takes my mind off the world and into a cinematic score as I meander through the streets of San Francisco. I can’t believe I listen to it every day. It’s aurally healing. I remember when we used to call this “New Age Music,” but I guess that’s outdated and trite. So, SPA it is. I’ve heard William Orbit, David Sylvian, Brian Eno, Kitaro, Loreena McKennitt, Enya, and a host of others that I’m new to like David Arkenstone and his “soundtracks of the imagination.”
  • Shinrin-yoku is a term that means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.” It was developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. I love it and find just enough time nearly every day to walk among the trees in the park right near my apartment. It’s so beautifully meditative. We have numerous small birds everywhere in that park and I like to stop to hear their sonorous birdsong.

Here are a few bits I’ve researched on Sound Healing:



On Plugs, Digital Aural Madness and V.I.

I wrote a treasure hunt for my digital audio class that I will share with you. Go on this mental hike for fun and plug in some headphones to wrap yourself in aural delights…

OK, so first up: Check out this article from Sound on Sound Magazine (my favorite audio mag published in the U.K.) and read about the recap of the Music Expo SF that occurred earlier this month. For your own fun and learning, answer the following questions:

1. Name two of the workshops they mentioned that had to do with mastering and who were the people guiding the session.

2. Take a close look at the photo of the attendees. See the happy writer/sound engineer/educator seated in the middle in the blurred shot of the photo? That’s ME!

3. List all of the brands who were there exhibiting. After the complete list, choose one and write 3 lines about what the company manufactures.

4. Let’s look at “spectral filtering” for a minute: Check out this web page from Stanford University CCRMA . Go there first and peruse the information. Yes, keep scrolling and scrolling.

WHOA. Now do you see why we call this audio “engineering?”  Yes, it’s because it’s DEEP. OK, so I don’t expect you to even click on one link there, but just in name only, which one catches your attention?  List it for your #5.

5. What does CCRMA stand for?

6. Now check out the background on one of CCRMA’s professors Poppy Crum. (Great name, isn’t it?) Read about the course, but more importantly “About the Professor.” What is Poppy’s role and for what company does Poppy work?

7. Read the overview of the Music 257 class. Does is not sound like the most amazing class? Wow! What would it teach you if you were to take the course?

8. Now that I’ve taken you down a deep rabbit hole, let’s get back to Canvas: Check out the link for the Empirical Labs Distressor EL8 Read through the information page and watch the goofy video of the Empirical Labs rep describing the unit and also demonstrating it to the video team. Do you hear the sonic difference? Now, go to this Slate Digital FG-Stress link.  First, read about the plugin and then watch the less-than-2-minute video on Plugin Development featuring Fabrice Gabriel.  How many compressors are found in this ONE compressor plugin (replicating the hardware version which is called “emulation.”)?

9. Look and listen to the links on the Bricasti M7 reverb.  LIST 3 of the features of the M7. This is a $4000 hardware reverb!

10. Go to the VerbSuite Classics at the Slate Digital link provided. Watch the video of Mr. Slate reading from his teleprompter about the plugin. MORE IMPORTANTLY, listen to the sonic demonstration in the video including vocals, acoustic guitar, and snare drum. How many pro reverbs do you get with the Slate Digital VerbSuite Classics? And with this question, what can you tell me about LiquidSonics? (do a little digging) .


I’ve been over the moon as a Waves plugin user since the 1990’s! Go there now! Great deals! Sign up to receive updates to get some of the most excellent plugs used by the world’s top audio engineers at a fraction of the usual pricing. Waves plugin deals are outstanding!

How about some favorite Virtual Instruments? (V.I.) Here’s a great blog post on someone’s favorite FREE synth VST plugs.

Here is a FABULOUS resource at Sweetwater Sound: A Guide to Buying V.I.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere2 has been capturing my cochlea. From their homepage: “Go wild with using the new Granular Synthesis, Harmonia, Innerspace and many other creative tools inside Omnisphere!”  Yeah!

Of course, everyone LOVES Native Instruments Komplete 11!  Turn up your cans to hear the sonic beauty in the homepage video.

What’s new in Reason 10?  Grain Sample Manipulator and Europa!  WOOF!

So much more to report here, but so little time. I’ve got grading to do.

Until later…

Waves Plugs.png