Back on the Music Train

This summer I’ve been in deep discovery of new and exciting ways to ingest music while PAYING FOR IT. I know many talented musicians who have no outlets anymore to sell their beautiful creations. Not only do people no longer buy CDs, but we don’t even have ways to play CDs anymore since the drives have been removed from modern computers and laptops and few car stereos in any car manufactured from 2012 on have them installed.

I know you can purchase a $29 LC USB CD drive, yes. But how many people have gone that extra step besides me? I teach audio, so I have to keep up with every mechanism that affords a musician to transport us through their minds and hearts via every medium/media available to them to use to distribute. Guess what? THEY DON’T MAKE A LIVING with you STREAMING on Pandora, Spotify, nor any of the other streaming mechanisms. PLEASE don’t tell me that you don’t care! We love music. So, LOVE the musicians creating music and art by showing them some love with a few shekels here and there. Even if you’re streaming most of it, send some $ to the tracks you love via BandCamp, Patreon, CD Baby and any other number of “selling” sites that exist today.

I found THIS band today (from New York) and love them. I listened to several tracks of their latest “album” and bought the vinyl and digital download package to share with my students whom I will cajole into buying tracks they love from artists they love.

And then my favorite sound engineer sent me this link just now to Lana del Rey’s LOVE video:

Get on out there and LOVE your music again by loving the artists!

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