Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day SF Poster

Marches for Science

Humankind = the human race / humanity

Spring is here, but why so much fear?

Uncertainty in the face of sensing what is near.

Leadership lacking, human trafficking. Mental illness abounds.

Yes/No, Up/Down. Turn ourselves around and around.

I watch dystopian future films and see us now living in the creation of that future depicted in the story. What generates a horror-filled future of human alienation and automation in the form of drones programmed with advanced AI to do what humans should do on our own? It begins with pitting corporations–do-anything-to-advance-its- goals type of entities (whether by lying, cheating, and/or bullying)–that have been given the power of personhood to create and propagate rules and regulations over powerless, singular human entities . It continues with self-aggrandizement by the corporate entities who create lunatic leaders overseeing the existence of humankind. Many countries wish to roll up their carpets, shut their borders, and place a demagogue in power to the tune of “isolationism will help us.” No. What helps humans is to be connected to each other, through and across borders, through and across cultures, through and across religions.

Humans repeat, repeat, repeat. This story has been told and unfolded since 9000B.C. The only difference now as the self-proclaimed “most intelligent species on the planet” over this list of amazing animals is that we have proven that our intelligence is simply not so. We are the only species clever enough to build myriad ways that threatens all life on our entire planet and stupid enough to carry it out with brazen willingness.

We must avoid our fatalistic, savage tendencies. We are not the worst murderers among the animal kingdom, check this out. However, we are the only ones to plan, create, and execute plans to kill on a massive scale and we are, again, teetering dangerously close to that end.

Let us learn more about ourselves, our species, our humanity to build upon what is great and good. Let us lead ourselves away from the madness that besets a few of our fellow humans and guide everyone to positivity.



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