Mixed Bag

Ignorance is bliss until you die from it.

Then you discover that you could have done something different. You could have learned from history. You could have made more intelligent choices as to where to source your information. You could have gathered every scrap of evidence you need to make the case that those in power have no regard for you nor your future nor the future of your children.

GREED runs amok in Washington and America will crash and burn shortly if we do not take steps to educate those who turn their noses to learning.  45 said that he loves uneducated people: “I LOVE the poorly educated!” and they love him.

While he and his family grab all of the riches that the position as the leader of the free world will give him and his brand for his remaining time before impeachment (which is becoming more clear every day), the uneducated will have toxic air to breathe and polluted water to drink and kill any growth in their fields as the one thing truly protecting them becomes gutted:  The Environmental Protection Agency.

Check out the conservative think-tank Heritage Foundation’s plan to gut both the EPA and the Energy department.  THIS is terrorism. This type of mindset will be the undoing of America and if that isn’t terrorism in the name of corporate greed, I don’t know what is.

American Collapse

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