On Pomegranates and Pumpkin Patches

Lovely deep red hue of seeds eaten a few evenings before Dia de los Muertos invoke the perfect blood-tinged visuals of the Halloday to come. October 31st–that which America has co-opted into a brand known as Halloween where temp superstores rake in the cash from Chinese-made replicas of all things ghoulish plastic. Cutting the pomegranate in half created a scene from Psycho. Here’s the picture to prove it:

pomegranate-cutter  Gross, right?  It’s just one simple slice into a Punica granatum and now I’ve got Freddy Krueger and A Nightmare on Elm Street 16 filming in my kitchen. This brings me to a tip for you, dear Reader: forget the who-knows-what’s-in-it toxicity of the face paint you buy at the aforementioned superstore. You want fake blood to decorate with? Cut open a pomegranate, let it splatter all over your shirt and use the drippings on your face and limbs when you go out this weekend. Best thing about this? Eat the damn  seeds (between 200 and 1400 of these sweet/tarts inside of any given fruit) and you’ll find yourself in a luscious world of good health. Not bad for Halloween weekend, eh?

So let’s take a walk through some of my local favorites of this time of year: the pumpkin patch. Clancy’s is the closest to me at 1620 7th Ave out where the inner Sunset neighb touches upon the Haight. Take a walk through the link and then get away from your desk and take the family directly to it. Fun abounds on this rainy SF weekend. For my East Bay pals, check out the Piedmont Avenue Pumkin Patch–always a good time for the littles. If you’re a bit older or have teens, check out Fruitvale-Oakland’s Dia de los Muertos Festival. Ready for a swell drive? Then check out the NOT_TO_BE_MISSED Half Moon Bay area offers several amazing choices of Pumkin Patch locations . If you’ve never been, definitely head there this weekend for some pure October delight. (Don’t worry that you missed the Festival a couple of weekends ago…it’s better to go when it’s just a regular Halloween weekend.) Highway 92 west can get a bit clogged, so put on your favorite mix tape (er, playlist) and be ready to crank it up. Another alternative is one of the latest releases of Books on Tape, Testimony by Robbie Robertson looks particularly interesting as does Carrie Fisher’s Princess Diarist.


Have a fantastic (and safe) weekend and feel free to take a few moments to watch the quickly made, latest, short film of, by, and for my students and colleagues:  “It’s Him“.  Please share it widely.


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