Time for Headphones

This exploded from me as I awoke this morning:

Human Race to the Bottom

and I dropped this beat on top of another from a cool Norwegian named Paul last night expunging thoughts with my creative night light:

Suspicious Flamingo

as well as this little vocal piece with the trappings of disjointed music made using Properllerhead’s TAKE app on my iPad:  All Fall Down.

Earlier this summer, I wrote this song about the NRA’s SICK JIHAD.

Negative feelings and imagery ruin my being since I have to wake up to the O-shaped horror mouth of a UNpresidential candidate spewing his Nazi vitriol on every broadcast medium. This leaves me completely obliterated. I can’t image 4 years of his daily hell storm. We must eradicate our country of his soulless fury and send him out to an exoplanet far from our galaxy on one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Ultimate Spaceship V2.


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