“It’s Palmolive; You’re Soaking In It”

Appalling, Atrocious, OutRAGEous, Frightening…

These words only begin to spell out the daunting truth of the side of America that bursts forth with more ferocity than ever since the hate-filled masses have become emboldened by the rhetoric of their demagogue. Months ago as he continued spewing his vitriol, I surmised that we would be subjected to a full-scale social and dangerous civil war between those of us who care about others and see this country as a safe haven for everyone from all walks of life and those of us who demonize others while living in a precarious mental state of growing illness. The diseased mindset of America and the cancer that flourishes from the assistance of a constant barrage of hate spewed through the digital pipeline to our homes and work; invades our social media, television, streaming networks, and radio. Venom, loathing, and detestation has metastasized our country. The 2nd Amendment wingnuts have been stocking up an arsenal and are stoked up for civil war hell.

Us pacifists need to wake up and form a plan. Signing our names to Change.org, MoveOn.org, BoldProgressives, and a host of other ways we use to properly use our rights to protest the intended policies of our purchased politicians worries me. Many among the GOP are mentally ill serving sociopathic constituents who elected them. If they gain enough votes to hold onto the Senate and they also elect a President: we are doomed. The White House will look like the (now dilapidated and bankrupt) Trump Taj Majal in Atlantic City in a few short years while the rest of us are terrorized by a country with one-half of its citizens holding us hostage.

When you read just the first 20 lines of this article titled “Behind the Gold Curtain of Donald Trump’s Résumé” (written by Adam Davidson); you will be appalled and frightened at how even a seemingly normal businessman (supporter) answers questions about him. (Go ahead, take a quick look at it. The illustrations by Andrew Rae are worth it alone. I’ll sit right here with you, awaiting your return…Bookmark the article and read it all when you can. It’s truly eye-opening and should be required reading by every voter in America.)

Think about it, my comrades: the arachnid is at work spinning us into a web while Madge reassures us: “It’s Palmolive; You’re Soaking in It“.

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