Cranberry and Cocktails

A sip slips across my tongue, chilling my mouth with an effervescence of cranberry and sage. A round of seasonal cocktail creations before the meal helps keep the family alive and tickling and the Seasons 52 bar menu did not disappoint. One of us enjoyed the “Cucumber Basil Smash”, another the “Bourbon Berry Bramble” and I whet my whistle with the “Cranberry & Sage”–a holiday concoction comprised of Prairie organic gin, white cranberry juice, fresh cranberries, lime, and two candied sage leaves on the rocks – a delight!  Among the six of us dining at Seasons 52 in Sacramento, we shared nibbles, giggles, fine wine, cranberries, caramel and settled carnivorous caveman cravings while being thankful for having the ability to dine like this.  The restaurant serves local-farm-to-table magnificence in a delectable discovery of creative recipes paired with a wonderful collection of wine, and some that ONLY Seasons 52 has access to thanks to their brilliant sommelier.  We spoke about a purchase of more of the Fisher Vineyards Unity Pinot Noir, (cleverly up-sold to me by our industrious server, Cassandra, after I had ordered a glass of Schug Pinot Noir), but were told that the restaurant bought ALL of the 288 cases of the 2012 vintage. We agreed it was one of the best PNs we had ever tasted.  Now, looking up the wine via the wonders of spaceship travel through broadband wifi, it is a 100% pinot noir with a pommard clone. From my previous travels to Bourgogne, I recall my favorite among the French varietals hails from a famous Côte de Beaune commune, Pommard – situated just south of Beaune. So, the Fisher family propagated a clone from Pommard to add to their Unity Pinot Noir. Bravo! Bonne!

Everyone loved their meal choices (rack of lamb, scallops) that were not a part of the special Thanksgiving option one could order. Two of us who yearned for turkey and the requisite sides were disappointed in some pretty dry turkey.  🙁   Oh well.  The sides were decent enough especially the cranberry relish, and the topper was a perfectly-sized, tall shot glass of yum pumpkin-pie shoved therein.  4 bites is ALL one needs after a full-meal, so I’m going to swipe this idea and have some friends over for dessert one night feeding them only a shot glass worth of sweet.

I would love to return to Seasons 52 in order to taste their wonders that are on the regular menu. The place was packed from wall-to-wall with hungry patrons anticipating an evening on Thanksgiving without the mess and fuss of the grand meal en casa.  So, I won’t fault them for not showing their best in the best typical Thanksgiving meal category.

Cucumber Basil Smashscallops