Of Bullets and Benjamins_Take 2


The story begins at the link above and it’s a quick read to bring you back to Take 2 here. This is my blog about taking life one sip at a time, by golly, and the photo below will tell you exactly why someone like me would rather spend my time in quiet repose in my apartment with several blank books inside of which I scribble my creative thoughts with a plethora of pen choices.  I cook up a meal, lay it out in a photo like this (my kind of selfie) to enjoy the quick, pre-eaten view of fall food complete with a bowl of wild rice, kale, peppers, onion, and leafy greens along with 2 pomegranates and 2 pumpkins, on a piano bench with a martini and plants in the background.  This is relaxation. This is how I avoid thinking too much about those aforementioned bullets and benjamins neither of which I have in my simple life.

Fall food and libation on an October weekend

Fall food and libation on an October weekend

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