Ode to the Worker – Let It Rain

Let it rain…  Click and listen as you read this homage to those all around this globe who toil.

The skin of your palms reveal the wonder of a life in the trenches. The browned crevices on the back of your hand tell the story of the earth’s salt and how your work enriches everyone. You touch so many you will never see. The fabric you sew circles around me, protecting. The color of the fabric you dye brings a gleam to my eye. You touch me, but I not you. You receive very little in return for your countless troubles in your workplace. You barely earn enough to eat, let alone to own a safe space to put up your feet. The man above you does not know your name. The man above him feels no shame nor pain in his pompous daily routine involving Chateaubriand and fine wine.

How does the planet continue to turn in this horrific cycle of inhumane sin. Mistreatment of one for the gain of another. Hordes of enslaved worker drones in the factory and farms of lost spirits.

Let it rain • drown the pain • open the gates • pay a fair wage * share the wealth * We Can Change * We Can Change

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