Mad About Manzano

Manzano, Italy!

What a lovely, idyllic region. I refer to the 6th definition of the adjective “mad”: overcome by desire, eagerness, enthusiasm, etc.; excessively or uncontrollably fond; infatuated.

I am traveling to the places OFF the tourist map and timeframe so that I can enjoy this trip from the perspective of those who live in Europe. This can ONLY be made possible by the wonderful friends who are hosting me on my voyage. The Beltramini family has made me more than welcome as I sit with Lea (their beloved Maltipoo) on my lap and watch the creation of some of the finest Friulian dishes by Meris. My friend Claudia has been blessed with amazing parents.  Though I understand only a bit of the exciting dinner conversations, I learn by their fantastic explosions of dialog accompanied by gestures and dynamics of voice.

Put on your headphones and have a listen:

So, I have been here, there, and everywhere with my tour guide extraordinaire, Claudia, who is also an audio fanatic as I am; so, I experience the best of Friuli visuals with the best of sound conversation.

How about a little video of the food preparation?  Cooking_Manzano

And lastly, Claudia is preparing homemade pesto for lunch. Did I mention that I’ve put on a couple of extra kilos, otherwise known as:  “Ho messo su un paio di kili.”

Making Pesto copy

Wine with lunch, wine with dinner… OY!




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