In a Gadda Da Villa

Now in Italy, the pace has slowed.

Wine, the drink of choice, flows while the scenery floats all around. Vineyards everywhere including the AirBnB-found home of Anna in Venezia.  (If you haven’t tried AirBnB, click the link.  Go somewhere. Stay in an AirBnB home of someone amazing. There are so many great choices and people all over the world!)  Anna’s home was not  any ordinary home, but a villa on a huge parcel of land that includes vineyards, fields, decorated places to sit and enjoy life, all for a very low price, WELL BELOW the cost of a hotel. I lived for a night like Vivien Leigh in “Gone With The Wind” – only, Italian-style, without the big hoop dress and Rhett Butler, of course.  It was that kind of huge and beautiful place.  What a find!

So, the next day, the plan was to venture around Venice to look at the canals and do the dance of Venice before heading north to my main destination. Problem:  a huge storm came in and it was pouring rain with thunder and lightning by 7a.  Huzzah, I love it!  But, uh-oh.  This posed more of a problem than merely missing a trip to the island, because, I forgot to borrow an umbrella from my Belgian hosts and the villa was a 5-minute walk to the bus stop. So, aside from visiting Venice, how would I make it to the Mestre train station to go to Udine? Let me explain here: I don’t mind getting wet, I love the rain! But Shannon, Shelby, Sergio, Zoom, and Fuji (my digital devices on hand) would certainly NOT dig the wet.  Holy Cow.  I encountered my second real problem in 16 days (the first was losing Shannon for a week).  As I contemplated my options, I heard more thunder and rain.  I recorded the sounds, I took pictures. I stalled my time there in hopes that it would blow over before I had to leave. (Like hotels, AirBnB’s have your exit plan scheduled and this was no exception as people from New Zealand were due to arrive by 1p.  Anna had to prepare the room I slept in.) So, what to do?   I can’t walk in the pouring rain with my digital assistants!  Alas, taxi time.  Damn.  Didn’t want to do it, but I had to. This would also bring my first expedition out in Italia without a way to properly communicate.  People told me that most Italians up in the north do not speak English.  Uh-oh.

Good times ahead just around the next pass…  Stay tuned for “Taxi Driver”…

Venezia_Anna Villa front    Italy_Anna's Villa_sideyard


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