Too Pooped to Post

What an amazing self-embrace one can feel when JUMPing into travel. Time stands still to remind us to free ourselves from the quotidian madness.

For example, I have so much to describe from the past 24-hours, but am thwarted by this iPad that I simply do not enjoy typing on, while my real input device is out on the town in Shannon, Ireland. Yes, it seems she created a diversion for me by scaring me into thinking I would miss my plane to Reykjavik, while she stealthily hung low in the magazine holder in the seat pocket in front of mine at JFK in New York. She knew she would not enjoy the Icelandic cold and hot springs, stuffed in my backpack, while I luxuriated. This place would be bad for her girlish MacBook Air figure. So, instead, she trolloped off to Ireland without me! Harrumph! Fine. I spent hours in the geothermal, lava Rock pool at The Blue Lagoon forgetting about her. My skin and hair feel fantastic and I can do without HER utilitarian assistance today…and tomorrow…ear, until whenever the agent in Ireland can safely return her to my fingertips when we can once again share in a Vulcan mind meld of human creativity through input device to CPU and on to data drive for safe storage.  “Hey, universe! Could you arrange for Her voice thread to receive an upgrade while there to say, a Scarlett Johanssen tone? I shall forever after call Her Shannon.

I’m far too tired to attempt further typing on this blasted iPad keyboard. Coming at you Live & Exhausted from Reykjavik, Iceland where time stands still and people are polite and look-alike and by golly, I look like them too.


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