Riddled Middle

I awaken each morning with my brain in a twist, caught up in the ether of a dragonfly kiss. On the left side, I objectively seek answers to assist in the common good of citizenship (something that has been losing ground in America for the past couple of decades and seems to be spiraling out of control), while on the right I’m reminded to slow down, be still, bond, heal, reflect and get lost in the beautiful gaze of, at, and through the world.

My Corpus Callosum is unequivocally connected in colloquy.

The Endoplasmic Reticulum in many of my 100 trillion cells manufactures, packages and transports the synthesized protein to strengthen my left/right functioning.

{interruption of the voice of 1950’s-style sports announcer}

“In the Right Lobe, we have music, creativity, color, images, intuition, and expression of and reading emotions.” {the crowd roars}

“And in the Left Lobe, see the amazing logic, language, critical thinking, numbers, and reasoning.” {polite clapping among some booing while the announcer voice trails off in the distance}

Hey, forget Roger W. Sperry and his right brain/left brain theory!  Both of you just get along, shake hands, pull each other into a bear hug and work it all out together! The Corpus Callosum keeps you both in check, so take heed to her advice. Her rules mandate that the two hemispheres work as one.

So, today I wrote this:  Predatory Purveyors of Pedagogy  as well as 2 poems and a song while grading and evaluating reports and projects.
Woo!  It’s 5:55p.  Time for a walk…

Corpus Callosum


2 thoughts on “Riddled Middle

  1. Wendy Kaufmyn

    Just finally getting to read your stuff. Wonderful! I love you and miss you but I’m glad you are where you are and not here. Here is still terrible! But even worse for being Dana-less.

    1. danaj33@yahoo.com

      Dana-less? Not forever! I’ll be back soon and bouncing around like a kid on a pogo stick! Stand by!

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