Dragonfly By

A “flyby” in English has many meanings and it is with this in the title that I enjoy some verbal play.

A flyby can refer to flypast or a flyover, a celebratory display or ceremonial flight. (thank you, wikipedia, one of my favorite sources.) It is in this connotation that I witnessed a beautiful dragonfly scurry past me on a walk I took yesterday morning in a park across the street from my abode. The day before, a new friend and I were just observing that neither of us had seen a dragonfly in a long time. We were walking up the magnificent 16th Avenue Tiled Steps in the Sunset district of San Francisco, finding among the multitude of tiles, both a dragonfly and a butterfly. (click the hyperlink to see what I mean about this beautiful art project.)

So, here I was the very next day, not even twenty-four hours later, walking in the park when a fleeting dragonfly crossed my path. I turned to watch her journey for as far as my eye could follow.  I smiled and kept walking, later, finding a butterfly flitting along in the flower gardens along with many merry bees collecting for the hive.

That evening, I engineered the sound of a Fukushima benefit show at Bottom of the Hill nightclub. It was a fantastic circus of sound, light, movement, and beautiful energy shared among the patrons and staff, but what struck me was this:  the promoter hung a drapery cloth in the doorway for everyone to step through and part in order to enter. The cloth was blue with images of 15 dragonflies in two neat rows (five on the left, 10 on the right).  She wanted everyone who entered to literally touch Fukushima, Japan as they began their journey into the night. It had a deeper meaning for me, though that experience for everyone to cross into and out of made a penetrating and heartfelt statement.

Dragonfly Drapery

Thank you, Kevin Lewis for this:  Dragonfly and Butterfly photos by Kev.

Dragonfly, the science.  (a wiki)Dragonfly

Dragonfly By: the totem and spirit meaning  TrAnSfOrMaTiOn


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