Coastal Wind & Weather In Gen…

Diggin’ the coastal wind that has been ripping through my Bay Area today. Molecular disturbance of some sort, any kind, brings me a big YAY!  Finally!  It’s been strangely warm and calm, mild, temperate for a few days.  These particular set of gusts are quite nice shaking a lot of bits from the trees.

Here: someone’s thoughts on the 5 best weather websites with some great details about your outdoor world. (I’m in the U.S. folks, so I’m thinking of our North American 1/2 of the continent, part of the world here.)

Whoa the site, chock full of bits about your bluster:   I know it looks and reads like an old encyclopedia, but what do you want from the National Weather Service?  They are meteorologists, not designers.  It’s still cool info, right?  😉

Forecast IO is very cool. Oh, so cool. It is currently 57• where I sit right now, not a far ride to the ocean on the L Taraval.

Hilarious tongue-and-cheek fun if you don’t mind the expletives; and since I speak them fluently, I HEART this site.  Just keep hitting the “give me a random _____ location” button a few times and see where you land. The top left displays the location and the center text contains the verbiage about the weather in that location.  (bare bones details, but awesome use of expletives).  Fantastic!

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