People Stop And Stare

One of the cool things about being an expert on sound and media technology is that I have to know about the history of it in order to lecture to my classes about the beginnings. So, I’m sure you’re all aware that Edison was the person to create moving pictures and and sound that we now know as movies, right?  His Kinetoscope was an early motion picture exhibition device. The viewer utilized a peephole at the top to view the moving images (strips of film) inside “the box”.

Well, what do you think everyone is doing now, albeit with their own little personal devices?  Yes, they are looking into a peephole (now called a display screen) while also attempting to walk and not watching where they go. This is a problem because folks are falling off bridges, walking into traffic across red lights, etc.  At least with the Kinetoscope, you had to STOP and STARE which saved countless lives, I’m sure.  And if you think your small display in your hand is cool…look what the future holds!  A Day Made of Glass by Corning.  (There are 5 of these videos that I know of, this hyperlink goes to the first one.) If you saw the film “Her”, then you know we are on our way to that world and more.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the “voice assistant showdown” in the Siri vs. Cortana vs. Google Droid, right? Well, here we are in the race to our own extinction, no?  If we have all of these things doing our bidding as digital slaves and they are mini-brains that know everything about us, then how do we keep them from taking our lives?

Just sayin’…

Oh, and please stop and stare.  Don’t attempt to use this device while walking, biking, boating, or driving.

Kinetoscope Interior view

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