Awaken to Your Amazing Angels and More…

It sounds like a lovely thought. I know that I have amazing angels all around me, and usually I awaken to their spirit every morning. I feel that. But this particular day (still dark, so very early middle-of-the-night/morning), I am awakened once every 1.5 hours or thereabouts due to the disturbances of an angel who lives above me. It sounds as though he’s re-arranging his apartment directly above my head. In fact, this has been going on for a couple of nights in a row. Only, his nights and my nights are VERY different.  Mine begin around 5p, especially now that it’s nightfall at that point and my subliminal Russian Scorpio kicks into low buzz. But his seems to begin somewhere around 11:30 p, exactly when I’m starting to drift off into slumber land.

This later evening activity had not been a spot of bother until tonight when it began with my attempt to listen to episode number one of the much- lauded podcast “Serial“.

I was tucking myself in around 9:30 p with my Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones on to get lost in a story. But after about 15-minutes in, I kept hearing banging interrupt the narration, heavy footsteps plodding across the landscape of my imagination bringing me back to reality.  I didn’t want to turn it up because it was already as loud as I like it, and it wasn’t soft by any means.  So, I pushed on into the story and found myself drifting off, only to once again be wrangled back through the space time continuum to my apartment and back out of the story.  Two hours of this on again, off again, and I finally called it bedtime.

Somewhere deep in my dream state, I felt a tsunami rip though my hearing as the electric garage door directly beneath my bed shook the room and my senses. A car started, exited, and the door closed. In a haze, I looked up at the clock: 12:38 a. I tossed and turned to find another comfortable sleep position, grumbling, and fell back asleep.

Fully ensconced in the recesses of my mind, another jolt struck me awake. Again, by a car, the garage door opening/closing, then car doors slamming, banging around through the garage. Now the angel ascended the stairs with what sounded like a wrought-iron gate clanging into the walls around the circular stairwell.  It was 2:16 a. More banging overhead ensued while I got up and paced a bit.  “Should I make a cup of coffee and start my morning?” I went to lay down again as I heard the angel leave his apartment. For at least 10-minutes, it was quiet again. Back asleep one last time…

At 3:20a, it all began again, heavy feet, dragging furniture, and now loud talking on the telephone where I heard one side of a muffled conversation.  OK, that was it.  I had hit my limit. I turned on all of the lights, headed for the kitchen and started putting my dishes away very loudly, banging cabinets and drawers shut. I then turned on my JBL LSR28Ps and blasted the gorgeous harmonies of South Africa’s Mahotella Queens to calm me down. I was furious, and it took seconds to take me from the volcanic eruption to slow-thyself-down inner calm.   Only I heard louder banging upstairs as if a war between the floor/ceiling had ensued. Really? Is this what I deserve after a long afternoon of serving the college one day before Xmas?

OK, Angel:  here comes Aretha Franklin blasting through my 5.1 surround sound system. I’m gonna get choosy about the songs:  first a little “Respect ” at 3/4 loudness (about 75dB is my guess.  Then I played “Think”, “Chain of Fools”, and finally “Say A Little Prayer”.  By this point, I decided it was time to frame one of my Audrey Hepburn pictures since I had been staring at that project for a few days while grading final exams.  The calm resumed, the volume gradually became lower, I dimmed the lights after completing the framing, and here I sit.

Angel has left to fly far away for ten days. I wish Angel peace as I will certainly bask in mine.

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