Living and Breathing a Coastline

It’s been awhile since I lived a hop from the ocean and I’m about to head back in a week.  Though I’ve never actually LEFT the coast of California, I’ve had a few extra bits of miles between my home and the sand, waves, shore birds, little crabs, and fresh wind unhampered by the additional additives in the air.

It’s been a long while that I’ve looked forward to coming home every day from an extensive number of hours of work. I’ve made some choices that have left my quotidian return each night everything but what I exactly want it to be:  peaceful, drama-free, and just me.

There are times in one’s life when you work so much that all you can do is just be with you when you come home and not have to be a part of a “we” in any way whether it be another human or your pet.  I’m at one of those places in my life now and really need to connect with my inner self.  I’ve been that kitty cat on the home page buried under papers and my laptop for ever so long.  A walk on the beach each day will be a welcome respite from that.  Yes! A walk on the edge of a continent!

A life lived in Seattle til age 3, then Los Angeles through 4th grade, on to Anaheim for a brief stint – 5th/6th grade, then to San Diego for Jr. High and High School. I looped back up to NorCal by way of Berkeley when I was 17 and I’ve never left. I’ve lived in the Bay far longer than anywhere else and this is home.  I’ve had numerous dwellings here and I was once out in the Sunset district many moons ago with a love and my two nephews living with us who I thought I may be the surrogate parent to for the rest of their growing up.  Thankfully, that lasted 1.5 years when my brother cleaned up, so it wasn’t the “Oh my Lord, what have I agreed to?” when I became their Legal Guardian as I thought it might be.

I’m spending my last Saturday night living in San Francisco’s now infamous Mission District. This is the place where young programmer-types have taken over in droves as if the movie Logan’s Run has become a reality.  They travel in packs, unwavering in their plowing through the streets en route from one bar or restaurant to another, not moving at all when a fellow citizen approaches from the opposite direction. You must move aside and let the posse pass.  This has become showdown at the OK Corral.  None of them are mean-spirited, mind you, they just don’t see anyone but themselves and have absolutely no ability to connect with anyone outside of their force field. Whatevs.  I never thought that the chill Sunset would be where I “can’t wait to be”, but it has come to that.  When I visit there, I feel the calm of the negative ions of the ocean air and see a LOT OF SKY!  Most buildings are 2-story there.  None of the towers of SF are even in view…it’s all WEST – open ocean and a sunset now and again when the fog lifts.  OH, and the sandy beach – YES!   Richmond and Sunset Districts San Francisco