Bound to Create


Focal Press hosted a wonderful writing contest asking for submissions on how this amazing leader in media technology publishing has helped us create. I posted this today for the contest:


So many amazing Focal Press books, so little time. This publisher has changed my creative life in myriad ways as well as those of my audio and video media students. Beginning in the early 1980’s, I made a career shift in college from the pursuit of law and politics to one that focuses on media creation. After two decades of building a solid foundation as an audio engineer and video producer, this came to fruition when I was asked to teach audio production courses in the Broadcast Electronic Media Arts department at the venerable City College of San Francisco in 2001.  A colleague of mine introduced me to two Focal Press media technology books in 2003 and I have been hooked (booked) ever since.

As an educator of media technology, I must keep current in the constant changes and upgrades of media production tools. I turn to Focal Press and their voluminous knowledge on the subject. This is one publisher that maintains up-to-date releases of new material in a rapidly shifting industry.

My students have gained an amazing wealth of knowledge from material authored by talented creators who have a passion for the work they do which shows in their texts.  From “Modern Recording Techniques”, “Mastering Audio – The Art and the Science”, “The Foley Grail” – The Art of Performing Sound for Film, Games, and Animation” and “Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio”, to “write to tv – Out of your Head and onto the Screen” each book beckons the reader into the world of creative works, seamlessly blending the deeper technological aspects in the utilization of the tools to produce media to the anecdotal asides of what can happen when one does this or that. And though I consider myself an expert in my field, I never tire of reading a new text that sheds light on a concept I already understand. This has made me a much better educator over the past decade and has enlightened many a lecture I have given.

Beyond my teaching in hands-on media production courses, I steal away moments here and there to continue work on my own creations as music producer and screenwriter.  I have learned new ways to build upon my own designs by the words and the accompaniment of ancillary files and links provided by many authors of Focal Press books. I thank Antony Q. Artis, Bob Katz, Martie Cook, Vanessa Theme Ament, David Miles Huber, Robert E. Runstein, and Mike Senior and many more writers in the Focal Press family for their passionate authorship and for Focal Press bringing their words to the public. Sound, words, and teaching are my passions and I am so lucky and grateful to call them my life work.

I am not only Bound To Create, but bound to assist others in becoming the media creators they hope to be.  I can’t imagine doing this without the assistance of Focal Press books.

And here’s a video of our amazing Broadcast Electronic Media Arts department at City College of San Franciso:

Happy 2014, everyone. Envision, Focus, Create