Step Outside of the Media Noise

I have to credit this blog post title to a student of mine, Rima Miles, who introduced me to some great works by the collaborative art collective, dignidad rebelde. Their art productions promote justice and peace in community living. They also have a monthly blog that dates back to 2007.

It’s hard to escape the sound of the media as it is pumped to us in all of its minutiae multiple times per day. We hear it on the radio, via RSS feeds, on television, as quick posts to our Twitter and on Facebook. It seems that in just a decade our minds have become so much more adept at multiple feeds of input. Our poor lobes gorge on the data we feed it until it hurts. Some of us lull it after 5p through our doses of various sorts of medication to stem the flood and give peace. Some practice yoga or run or bike to push the noise aside to breathe more deeply.

One way I have found to “step out” is to record the sound of nature all around me wherever I am. There is nothing more profound than the sound of the wind, the birds, animals and bugs scurrying and flying about, leaves rustling. Ah, yes…the leaves are coming as we see the turn to Autumn. Being born in the 11th month of the year makes the Fall my favorite and Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. (Food, wine, family, and friends – who could want for more?)

Every time I step out and listen to the old recordings of playing in the snow, romping about in the waves, hearing the morning doves and the geese flying south, I am taken far away to the place outside of the media noise.  What a joy it brings.noise Noise graphic borrowed from Shane Gibson blog