The Sound of Summer

And no, it’s not a Beach Boys hit nor anything like that but rather a hail to the end of a Summer break for me and the first ever I’ve had since I was in high school.  School breaks as a kid usually don’t pan out for an adult even those in the field of education.

Yes, there are those that think educators have it so easy since they have that “Summer break”, but most of us truly do not get a real break from things.  There is always much ado about something during that time.

For me, I spent this Summer recording and creating sound, glorious sounds.  Sounds of voices, sounds of environments, sound effects, and sounds in my head.  I pulled out some cash and picked up the Focusrite Sapphire Liquid 56 just to listen to the mic preamp emulations and try them out on voices.  I played with Logic 10 and found it QUITE to my liking after being a Pro Tools user since it’s early 1990’s Sound Tools days, this was quite a discovery:  all of the great plug-ins and software instruments along with the DAW for just $199.  Good job, Apple.  This version is the ONE!

And now again, the sounds of students footsteps in the hallways, mouths flapping, chairs being dragged on floors while one seats her/himself. And the sound of my voice with the intention to thrill them all with the wonders of music and sound recording. I love teaching others about the miracle of sound and technology. Onward with the Fall semester!

The amazing book I use in my advanced sound recording class.

The amazing book I use in my advanced sound recording class.